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Fast http anonymous proxy proxies USA (NY, Buffalo)

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Next is the http list containing anonymous proxy proxies list listening in 80 USA (NY, Buffalo) country.

IP address Port Country(City) Server Type Response Time Proxy Speed (Medelln)anonymous00 (Bogot)anonymous proxy0.3336564483.95464 (rmqi)anonymous proxy1.68058521415.4021 (Shanghai)anonymous proxy1.847056412307.9998 (Cmpeta)anonymous proxy10.202907577.28688 (Len)anonymous proxy00 (Tbingen)anonymous proxy00 proxy00 States (NY, Buffalo)anonymous00 States (MO, Kansas City)anonymous proxy00 (Taipei)anonymous proxy7.593084582.22182 (Changsha)high-anonymous00 (Santiago)high-anonymous0.7199426741.695 (Montral)high-anonymous0.4865888932.02591 (Montral)high-anonymous17.398524330.14394 States (CA, San Diego)anonymous proxy00

Date: 2013 September 23